Pre-Owned Volvo at The Luxury Autohaus

New Volvo lineup in white parked in a city

Starting its life as a practical car, Volvo station wagons are now a spacious, versatile, dynamic and comfortable option for drivers—even on the same level as luxury sedans. And it has shown its popularity among families, almost 6 million family cars have been sold around the world! Volvo cars have always been known as a car that can comfortably transport passengers and luggage alike with little issue. It has had many shapes over the years, but Volvo vehicles have stayed a family favorite.

Besides its classic station wagon recognition, Volvo offers spacious SUVs and sedans that many drivers now hold in the same esteem as its iconic wagons. And here at The Luxury Autohaus, we aim to have a full range of Volvo vehicles for our customers. Plus, each Volvo goes through an extensive quality inspection before it's allowed to be sold. This way we can ensure that only the best pre-owned vehicles are offered to our customers!

a 1960s Volvo station wagon with father and son

Volvo in the 1960s

This decade brought many new advanced safety features and a new Volvo sports car. Some of the new features included: padded dashboards, energy-absorbent crumple zones, safety belts in the rear and three-point safety belts in the front. In fact, Volvo was leading the industry in safety protection.


a 1980s Volvo sedan parked on a golf course

Volvo in the 1980s

The '80s was a decade of speed, power and safety. Volvo produced their first turbo-charged car and the 1 millionth car left their Gothenburg assembly line and headed for America. Volvo kept up with the styles that were popular and continued to excel in quality and safety, staying as an elite brand in the industry.


an early 2000s Volvo SUV parked in a neighborhood

Volvo in the 2000s

Volvo introduced many new model launches and achieved record sales in the early 2000s. There were also many concept cars: Adventure Concept Car, Safety Concept Car and Performance Concept Car. These all made its way into the Volvo lineup. Volvo created sportier vehicles and continue to lead with advanced safety features.

Current Volvo Model Lineup

  • Volvo SUVs
    • XC90
    • XC60
    • XC40
  • Volvo Sedans
    • S90
    • S60
  • Volvo Crossover-Wagon
    • V90
    • V60

If you are interested in viewing our available Volvo models, you can visit our detailed pre-owned inventory online. If you would like more information about our available models, you can contact us online or by calling (678) 501-5571. We also deliver anywhere in the United States!