Pre-Owned Jaguar at The Luxury Autohaus

Pre-Owned Jaguars available at The Luxury Autohaus

With a history that dates back to the mid-1920s, Jaguar has become an iconic brand that is synchronous with fast, aerodynamic and successful. From the beginning, Jaguar vehicles have blown the minds of drivers throughout the world, in not only looks and speed, but also its impressive racing history. In fact, the 1948 Jaguar XK120 took the name of the world's fastest production car when it was released. And from there, the C-Type and D-Type started bringing home wins at the Le Mans race.

Nowadays, Jaguar cars are designed for performance and luxury, making it a highly sought-after brand. One of its more distinctive features is the downward slope of the car's hood, which help with reducing air resistance and give it a smoother drive. And at The Luxury Autohaus, we strive to keep each Jaguar in pristine condition so that none of its amazing driving experience is lost. We also hand-pick our selection in order to ensure that our customers receive quality, pre-owned vehicles.

2018 Jaguar F-Type Convertible engine


Jaguar engineers focus on having a responsive performance that gets pulses racing. And to improve efficiency and performance, Jaguar puts a lot of time and effort in R&D. Jaguar believes in finding a balance for performance, technology, economy and sustainability.


2018 Jaguar E-Type front interior driver's side


Engineers in Britain focus on every detail of a Jaguar car as it goes through the manufacturing process. Then it goes through thousands of precision processes and quality checks to ensure that it is perfect. And Jaguar then equips many advanced amenities to make it complete.


2018 Jaguar XJ rigid body structure


Just as they focus on luxury and performance, the engineers at Jaguar constantly push the boundaries to ensure quality safety features on each model. From a rigid body structure to advanced technologies, Jaguar keeps safety features up-to-date and thoroughly tested.

Current Jaguar Model Lineup

  • XE
    • Built to exceed compact luxury sports sedan expectations


  • XF
    • Contemporary style balanced with excellent craftsmanship for mid-size vehicles


  • XJ
    • Commanding and dynamic sedan driving experience with a luxurious interior


  • E-Pace
    • Looks, agility and dynamics combined into Jaguar's first compact SUV


  • F-Pace
    • Practical and efficient luxury performance SUV


  • F-Type
    • A true Jaguar sports car with unyielding power and sophistication


If you would like to learn more about our available pre-owned Jaguar models, you can contact us online or by calling 678-501-5571. We also deliver our vehicles all across the United States!