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Corvette has been one of the most recognizable car names for over 60 years. The first generation was introduced back in 1953 and Chevrolet has continued its legacy all the way to the current newest model, the 2018 Corvette. Though its design and options have changed over its lifetime, the ideal of the Corvette has stayed the same.

Sporty, high performance and an in-your-face attitude can be seen in every model of the Corvette, including the older, more boxier models of the early generations. No matter which model you look at, you'll notice the attractive body design and noteworthy capabilities. And at The Luxury Autohaus, we have quite a selection of quality, pre-owned Chevy Corvettes. Ranging across multiple generations, each of our Corvette models are in amazing condition and have passed many intense inspections.

Corvette Stingray logo on yellow


Debuting the beginning of the sports car design for the Corvette, the original Stingrays took place during 1963 to 1967. It has come back at different times during the Corvette's lifetime.


Chevrolet LT1 engine


The Corvette is able to match performances of European sports cars and has been known as a "speed machine." Engineers for the Corvette work towards improving its performance with each new model.


Chevy Corvette racing car


Throughout its long life, the Corvette has had quite a racing career. Winning a number of races with the C5-R, C6.R and C7.R. It has also been a pace car for the Indianapolis 500—14 times!

Chevy Corvette Generations

1st Generation

  • C1: 1953 – 1962

2nd Generation

  • C2: 1963 – 1967

3rd Generation

  • C3: 1968 – 1982

4th Generation

  • C4: 1984 – 1996

5th Generation

  • C5: 1997 – 2004

6th Generation

  • C6: 2005 – 2013

7th Generation

  • C7: 2014 – present

If you'd like to learn more about the Corvette models that we have, you are able to contact us online or by calling 678-501-5571. We also delivery all across the country for our customers!

Unique Corvette Models Available near Atlanta

The Luxury Autohaus has an amazing Corvette inventory!

The Luxury Autohaus specializes in pre-owned sports and exotic vehicles and features a wide inventory. Including a range of Chevrolet Corvettes that have been kept in pristine condition and look like new.

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